Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation

Mining for coal in the Navajo Nation. 

There’s a resource curse on the Navajo Nation. The 27,000-square-mile reservation straddling parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah has an extremely high abundance of many energy resources — particularly coal. That coal is what’s burned to provide much of the Southwest with electricity, and it creates jobs for the Navajo. But the mining and burning have also caused environmental degradation, serious health issues, and displacement. Source Youtube

Nocona Burgess— Spirit Hawk Eye: a celebration of American Native culture


Nocona Burgess is an artist and member of the Comanche Nation of Oklahoma. He is the son of a tribal chief and great-great-grandson of Chief Quanah Parker, the last war chief of the Comanche. In this video he talks about how his art subverts romantic stereotypes of Native American people.

Spirit Hawk Eye : a 2015 Exhibition of photographs by Heidi Laughton at the American Museum in Britain, celebrating contemporary Native American culture. Video by Animated Magic.