Code of Conduct

The Code of Ethics and Conduct directs our decision-making as we fulfill our vision on this web page, and I encourage you to practice ethical conduct during viewing.
A code of ethics and conduct is much more than print on paper. It’s Honesty and integrity of our principles that we guide ourselves with everyday.

Ethical behavior is the responsibility of every individual viewer. Each individual has a personal obligation to report any activity that appears harmful or disrespectful in any way.

When faced with a tough ethical decision,  users/views should consider the following:

• How would the action look to individuals of our community if it were published on the front page of the newspaper?
• Are we being fair and honest?
Most importantly:
• When we know the action is wrong, do not do it!

Behaviors that are considered intimidating can be verbal or physical. They include verbal outbursts and foul language; harassing emails, in any shape or form of texting; telephone calls; condescending language or voice intonation.

The Family council thanks you for your adherence to these values and standards.