Words from Red Fawn: Water Protector, Political Prisoner, #NoDAPL

Words from Red Fawn: Water Protector, Political Prisoner

Red Fawn remains incarcerated in North Dakota, as the most severely charged water protector – facing possible life imprisonment. Please donate to her legal fund – www.generosity.com/fundraising/red-fawn-legal-fund . This a poem she wrote from jail, read by some of the youth who started #NoDAPL. She was granted a four day furlough to attend a memorial for mother. She is still incarcerated in North Dakota, where she awaits federal trial scheduled for July 17th. www.freeredfawn.com

Red Fawn’s poem from jail:

My name is Red Fawn
I am a prisoner of war
My enemies have hunted me 500 years
You know their names
They are the Kings, the Queens
They are all the things that are slaves to greed and power

My name is Red Fawn
I am just one flower
I will not die
I will not cry
I will not bend or cower

My name is Red Fawn
My people know my name
They know the Sheriff’s shame
They know this Governor’s game
They know that I grow stronger every passing hour

My name is Red Fawn
I hear the people sing
Outside my window now
I hear the people
They sing my name

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Red Fawn Fallis
110 Industrial Rd
Rugby, ND 58368


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