David Tall Pine White helps make a movie on Nipmuc indians

The language consultant for the movie is David Tall Pine White of the Chaubunagunga-maug Band of Nipmuc indians who also is a tribal council member of the confederacy of Nipmuc, (Nipmuck) indian tribes.

When King Philip‘s war began in 1675, Metacomet (Philip) disappeared west into the forest and the swamps to wage his campaign against the devious Puritans. However, west of the Charles River was Nipmuc territory and the war was waged mostly in the interior. The swamps of Mashapaug were utilized as a war camp by the Metacomet and Nipmuc war chiefs. The Nipmuc continue to bear the brunt of the backlash for the war and were almost completely exterminated. Most fled west or north after the war into Iroquois territory and those that were captured were killed or sold into slavery. Those Nipmuc who did not take part during the war were interred on Deer Island in Boston Harbor without food or shelter and perished during those winter months during Metacomets uprising. A memorial is in the works on that island for those who perished in the Deer Island Holocaust.

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