New magazine entirely devoted to Native American art launches

Launch issue of Native American Art Magazine

Native American Art, a bimonthly publication geared toward the historic and contemporary Native American art market, is proud to announce the release of its premiere issue for February/March 2016. The successful launch of the new magazine—the first of its kind in the genre—comes at an exciting time in the Native American art world.

“As publishers of Western Art Collector for the last eight years, we have always included historic and contemporary native art in our monthly publication. We already were frequent sponsors of a variety of Native art events including the Santa Fe Indian Market and the Heard Museum GuildIndian Fair & Market,” says Native American Art Editor Joshua Rose. “So, this summer when we heard from the artists and galleries working in this field that a new magazine with a new approach was desperately needed, we gladly jumped right in and got to work on Native American Artmagazine.”

Unlike many of its predecessors, the magazine is unique in that it previews rather than reviews upcoming gallery shows, fairs, exhibitions and auctions in the market, giving collectors and dealers a sneak peek of events and major works. The magazine is divided into four major categories: gallery previews, events/fairs, museum exhibitions and auctions. In addition, the magazine features interviews with top museum curators, directors, gallery owners, auction houses and dealers to find out what’s happening in the Native American art world.

“We feel that there is incredible energy and excitement right now in the Native art world,” Rose says. “Contemporary artists continue to hone their craft and create work that walks the delicate line between tradition and innovation. For us, it’s the perfect time to launch a magazine focusing on the many quality artists, galleries, auction houses and museums who are working in the contemporary and historic Native art world today.”

In the inaugural issue, readers can tour the New Mexico home of gallery owner Al Anthony; view 12 powerful drawings by Lakota chief Red Horse; and learn crucial details about upcoming events, exhibitions and auctions.

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