President Obama issues proclamation for Native American Heritage Month

President Obama Declares November: National Native American Heritage Month

November is Native American heritage month. President Obama just issued a Presidetial Proclamation – – National Native Heritage Month. Here are a few things from his Proclamation.

“Native Americans have helped make America what it is today. As we reflect on our history, we must acknowledge the unfortunate chapters of violence, discrimination, and deprivation that went on for far too long, as well as the effects of injustices that continue to be felt. While we cannot undo the pain and tragedy of the past, we can set out together to forge a brighter future of progress and hope across Indian Country and the entire American landscape.”

“This month, let us reaffirm our responsibility to ensure each generation is defined by a greater sense of opportunity than the last, and let us pledge to maintain our strong relationship with tribal nations across America. By keeping this commitment, and by endeavoring to shape a future in which every citizen has the chance to build a life worthy of their hopes and dreams, we can ensure that ours is a country that is true to our spirit and to our enduring promise as a land where all things are possible for all people.”

On November 5th Obama is meeting with many Tribal leaders to go over the hot topics. Hopefully a lot of things will be covered and approved after this conference.

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