The Sunset footprints – 2,500 year old Native American civilization

A 2,500-year-old family stroll frozen in time: Footprints left by Native American farmers, children and their dog unearthed in Arizona

  • Dozens of barefoot prints were uncovered to the north of Tucson, Arizona
  • They show adults walking through fields as children scamper around them 
  • Archaeologists have also unearthed a hand print left by a young child
  • However, the site is set to be destroyed to make way for a highway bridge

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Video included- Whitesboro NY Finally will be changing the town seal

New York village of Whitesboro will change its logo of a white man throttling an Indian after it becomes the butt of national jokes

  • Residents of Whitesboro, New York had voted earlier this month to keep their logo that was criticized as racist and offensive
  • The original emblem dates to the early 1900s and depicts a friendly wrestling match between village founder Hugh White and an Oneida Indian 
  • However, the village has now decided to change the logo after it was ridiculed on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show 
  • No timetable has been given for the introduction of the new logo 

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Here is a video clip that the comedy channel did that helped to push for the change.