The family council has been working hard to find a way to connect us with family matters, and sharing info with each other. One of the main purposes of what we are doing is to make sure WE tell our family story.

I will start by naming our family council; Sheila, Linda, Cynthia (Sissy), Carol (Cat), George (Chip), Eugene (Gene), Carl, Vickie, Marylou, Nola, Randall (Randy)(Henries line), and myself Lois. We are the children of the Congdon, Green, Hazzard, Henries & Jackson present day family lines. If you are wondering what I mean by present day family, stay tuned for upcoming events and Q & A time. We have a lot to look forward to and share with each other.

Please treat this website the same as you would, as if all our little ones were seeing and hearing us (and quite frankly nowadays they see, hear, write & speak better than most of us). Thank You and can’t wait to start sharing.

Love you family.